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August 30, 2009

We All Scream...

Bret at Brusters has once again used his computer geek skillz to take a good old fashioned product and complexify it with technological interface. In the end, we get to have a little fun and he gets all of our minds on ice cream.

Create your own flavor! Go ahead, get creative. Amy and I went ahead and submitted about 4 or 8 tonight (depending on how good of a friend I think Bret is that he'll put up with sophomorishly dumb jokes at his workers' expense). Amy had a few serious entries that we're crossing our fingers and placing all our hopes and dreams on. Livin on a prayer, ya know.

A few of our flavors, well, the ones that I can remember. I'll let you guess what's in it because I don't want you to steal our recipe and therefore have to share the spoils.

Lemon Marangoo Pie
Fling Poo
Coconut Concoction
Bail Out
Thallium Stress Test

Bail Out has a secret recipe, but is really more of a concept than a particular flavor. Too bad Bret didn't create a data field that allows you to enter ice cream "concepts." Anyway, All Bail Outs should have a hint of red-white&blue sprinkles on top and be served in a little plastic bucket. The idea is that your ice cream is free. Yes FREE! The people in line after you pay for it, whatever your heart desires to order.

Bail Out is only slightly more of a gamble than the old flavor Social Security, where you pay for your own ice cream and someone else's up until the age of 65. After that, you get free ice cream for however many years you've got in you to still eat ice cream, mostly likely at that time leaning towards something with pecans.

Let's go. People get ready!

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