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February 21, 2010

Laughin or Cryin

The spaghettis are everywhere. Again. Some even found their way into bellies. Meal times are hairy, especially when doing the mess hall alone. The mom or dad will either be laughin or cryin. Well I don't cry much, but I do get short at times.
Trying to remember perspective. Choosing laughter...
"And in this chair.
Wearing Spiderman shirt, weighing in at 30 lbs...
Having spaghetti and meatballs for dnner.
Iiiiitttssss BUGGIES!!!"
[claps, shouts and chest bumps times 4]

Just posting a few images of long winter days around here. We try to find creative ways to dissipate all the life energy in a way that's good for the kids and doable for the parents. Try...
So we look for fun locally. Like icicles outside are a huge hit. We ordered callepiddars and raised them up to butterflies, culminating in letting them go in the house. Apparently these butterflies know some of the costs of freedom.

Telling them to make a serious crime fighting face. I can't imagine what O is doing under the mask.

Somedays this is how we feel. Put them to bed and breathe and get ready to do it again tomorrow.

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