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April 07, 2010

They Don't Serve Waffles on Pandora

Above is an image from the movie Avatar.

The message is clear and more than a little off. The storyline wasn't anything really new and the whole thing progressed into deeper hokeyness. The incorporation of the Na'vi people's spirituality was way cheesy. I'm not calling for some kind of alien Jesus people; just saying that the spiritual stuff could have been meaningful and real instead of just tired and weird.

Having said that, you should see the film. There's a lot done right. There's a reason why Avatar is the highest grossing film of all time. Any movie that really makes you think and wonder (or laugh!) without costing you too much in the morality/vulgarity department is well worth it.

The cinematography is like nothing else, and the movie won tons of artistic type awards. Like, WAY cool. Everything on their planet is fertile and unblemished and steroid bioluminescent. Pandora is like the Hollywood version of the earth as it was 6 to 10 thousand years ago. There really is no reason to envy it.

I mean, don't tell me that given 6 or 8 thousand more years, Pandora won't create its own New Jersey. As if those tall blue cat looking people would pull off living in perpetual harmony with their environment. As if they would continually and perfectly walk the straight and narrow away from greed and lust and envy and pride. Talk about science fiction!

Besides, go ahead and try living on the beautiful unblemished earth that historians call Classical Antiquity, as it was 6 or 8 thousand years ago, about like the life and times of the blue cat people. That would suck. The environment was nicely untoxicated. There was an ice age, then warming, and Al Gore wasn't even there. They were probably not very different from us as far as happiness goes. They just worked a ton harder in crappy "natural" conditions like humidity while living and knowing a lot less.

And the gnats. I imagine the gnats are a freaking nightmare on Pandora.

I would pick modern earth over pre-medieval earth any day. And yes, even over Pandora. And you know what? If the earth was all hyper colorful and lush everywhere all the time, we wouldn't notice the beauty. It would all be business as usual to us, because in reality, the shadow proves the sunshine.


Is it Pandora or the earth near my house?

Not my photo, but nearby Earth

If this tree doesn't appear otherwordly, what possibly does?

They're like huge flowers.

Pandoras "Mother Worship" tree, or just Jane's front yard?

The indigenous population seems to form communal bonds with odd life forms having bills and webbed feet.
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