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April 11, 2011


Last Sunday at Lighthouse, Pastor Brown delivered a message about...ugh.

That place. The place of darkness we will all face (or already have faced), where we see poorly and trust is fading. We feel stranded on one tragic, painful moment, and we don't understand.

Jesus himself, King of kings and Lord of lords, felt forsaken by God.

There's good news! The way we live now, how we think and what we do on a daily basis - it all matters on the day(s) when life is not sunshine and lollipops. Have we chosen to live in humility, with a confident trust in the Lord? Have we nurtured our relationship with God, knowing that He is always good, always for us, and always with us?

Last Sundays message helped me drop some of the fear and uncertainty that I was carrying toward the inevitable, temporary darkness.

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