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February 18, 2012


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It was sunny this morning in central PA, when all of February is usually grey. The light hit my exposed hand and it felt wonderful. It was the feeling of gratitude and hope.

I wondered why it felt so good. Did I simply notice because I haven't felt much sun lately? Hell, why did it happen at all, those few photons traveling 8 minutes and 90-some million miles to land on the back of my hand? Was it because of the massive hydrogen fusion going on in our sun, itself the destructive fall-out of a more ancient star?


You say, "Why not?"

Really? You're satisfied to walk away with that answer?

Science fascinates me. But it's incomplete. It doesn't tell the why.

So I'm left here, pestering my mentors, asking my friends, hitting the books, sounding almost exactly the same as my three year old daughter. Small people we are, with childlike understanding.

Yet learning. Wondering...

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Anonymous said...

Wondering takes us on fantastic journeys. And they often start, simply, with one of the five senses, don't they? So simple. And yet so mysterious ...