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May 27, 2012

simple small

The wear pattern in the tread of a shoe tells a story. Deciphering soles is part of my job as a physical therapist, but the truth is that I've marveled at them for fun, for quite a while. Amy rolls her eyes, "There he goes shoe gazing again."

I think she knows of the place barely above the corner of her mouth. It speaks volumes about her condition, so I study it while listening. I've tried reading that place on casual acquaintances and clients at work, but it doesn't seem to say much about those you don't love.

These are but a few small places that are good to notice. There are many others, like the cow licks in my children's hair, the blemishes all over our kitchen table, and the areas in my back yard where grass slopes gently into crystal stream.

I've been noticing these things for a long time. It always seemed that some people have an eye for it, or just care to notice more than others.  I didn't know that the simple, the small, the commonplace hold special revelation of God. I didn't know it was cool.

Some of my favorite writers, like Ann and Gordan and Billy, to name just a few, are constantly reminding me that it's good to notice the simple and small. They are relaying ancient wisdom from prophets and mystics.

And it's true. God is in the small things. Noticing it is good for you. Appreciating the meaning and beauty and complexity is like a magical formula for gratitude and goodness. Really. Try it.

"Do you find something unique in one leaf, pulled from a tree full of leaves that any reasonable person would say are identical? Or did you want to be a reasonable person?"

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