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January 25, 2010

Half Year in Review

So Luke is officially past midterms in home school kindergarten. What have we learned so far? We like it a lot. I'm gradually becoming more at peace with the fact that he's spending a few hours at home learning rather than away for 5 or 6 hours learning and "learning." It's so nice to have him home and he's doing well in pretty much every way, able to do everything and more that the curriculum says he should be able to do.

It's easy, actually. We feed him alpha bits and do water colors on old yellow paper. We watch Sesame Street, but only count to 7 and skip science because that's what's in the Bible. We keep him sheltered from all regular schoolers and don't really get out much in general.

No, but we do often wear our pajamas till noon.

It's a challenge with the other three kids. Sometimes it's hard for the teacher to concentrate, much less for the student. Sometimes everyone else wants in on home school. Sometimes everyone else wants to watch TV or set there crabbing or making the most ordinary old toy look like a blast. Everyone has to poop or needs a drink or a toy, and it kind of gets in the way of Luke sounding out "the man sold Ted a hat," and other literary wonders.

Overall, so far so good. I'm pretty sure that we'll roll with it into first grade.

Hat tip to the amazing mom, organizing all and doing most of the teaching so far. Wow.
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