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March 09, 2010

Therapeutic Rap


Administratin' punks is what she's all about
Gonna type that note and fax it on out.
No soft sucker; yet no chip on her shoulder
Cuz, she's movin' ever bolder - to the Intradocs folder.

Terrorize the suckers at insurance companies
And if you've got beef - you'll get capped in the knees
If that qualifies as an injury of sorts,
Gonna write it on out with the incident reports.

A most chillin-est b-day - wishing all the best,
To Debbie V, our own girl at front desk.

- - -- -

Snatching co pays - twentys, fives, and tens
She got the money and the honey and the flyest pens.
Bringing daily schedules and monthly reports
And a Tide Stick for the jelly you drop on your shirts.

One for all - and all for one
Chasing out solicitors with a big shotgun
All for one and one for all
Because the Bowmansdale three have gone A.W.O.L.

Mack'n on faxes and the ringing phones.
Droppin' medical codes 'bout them joints and bones.
She got scripts on hips and the laundry put away.
Chills with Lucas and Macey at the end of her day.

A most illinest b-day, wishing all the best
To Debbie V, our own girl at front desk.

- - - - --
K.X. modifier for the MC's,
K.X. modifier for the MC's,
K.X. modifier for the MC's,
KX modifier FOR THE MC'S,
- - --
Fax'n and print'n and addressin' and sealing,
Mailin' dope letters; fix the light in the ceiling.
Yo ho ho and a pint of black cherry,
'Cause when Debbie orders Brusters, it doesn't much vary.

A.R. blazin', Blue Cross chasin', authorizations,
Prerogative against cheesey radio stations.

A most villainous b-day - with all the best,
Out to Debbie V, our own girl at front desk.

- - - - -

Now I been drinking her coffee - in my drug rep cup,
I fell asleep, then I woke up.
With the achy low back, and the knees on the tick
She'll gladly get up from where she sits.

Come snow or shine - and kid kicks to the groin.
Delivers inter-office info to Jeannette at Lemoyne.
Workin' and laughin' in a reliable way.
Still holdin' out for a decent 401K.

- - - -
OH happy day, Debbie. Thanks for the work!

1 comment:

lesley said...

Happy Birthday Deb! Your the cheese!