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March 06, 2010

To the Patriot

The posts I've written here have come from only a few reasons:

-Sharing reflections and pictures of our crew that simply have to do with what's happening here.

-Sharing my thoughts on something fascinating (to me, obviously) that I've read or come across. Much of that I do consider like a prayer, not that it's a substitute for (traditional?) quiet prayer and meditation.

-Sharing professional work, some of which has gone into First Choice or GoWags newsletters or even a few PT magazines.

In all instances, beyond the pictures for family and friends to see, I've really, honestly blogged for me. I enjoy it; it's like rejuvenating to me. By the time I've hashed out and typed out a certain subject, I know it a lot better. Not just the facts. I'm actually changed, and that's good for me. It's like I get to sit back and highlight or simply make sense of what's happening.

I'm glad for anyone to read it, for sure. But it's mostly been for me, and I never took it too seriously.

Then came the decision to work on a collection of work related stuff - on a new blog. I've give that more attention as of late, for a reason. After a few exchanges, the Patriot News has asked me to do a 6 to 8 months series of contributions for their Mind and Body section.

The first one is at the other blog right now. You'll see some material recycled and pasted around from this blog. That's kind of the point, again, for me...

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